Final we blogged about Urban Dictionary’s focus on content moderation year.
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Final we blogged about Urban Dictionary’s focus on content moderation year.
Final we blogged about Urban Dictionary’s focus on content moderation year.

We knew that sustaining the spirit that is unique of Dictionary would need big modifications.

Here’s exactly exactly what we’ve changed, and that which we have actuallyn’t changed, thus far.

Definitions are not any longer moderated by volunteers. A definition was published when a majority of volunteer moderators decided it was worth publishing under the old system. We appreciate our volunteer moderators’ work through the years. With time, this method had become dominated with a noisy minority whom published abusive definitions and didn’t publish the stuff that is good.

We updated our general general general public content tips, and detail by detail content tips, to simplify what’s okay on Urban Dictionary. Generally speaking, a meaning that describes an unpleasant or violent term is fine, but a meaning that endorses or promotes an offensive or violent term just isn't ok.

We redeveloped our moderation system. Our moderation that is own team product reviews all newly-submitted and flagged definitions, and rejects definitions that violate our content directions. If you notice a meaning that violates our content recommendations, please banner it, and our moderation group will review it quickly.

This task is ongoing therefore we welcome your feedback. And us know if you’d like to join the moderation team, let.

Aaron PeckhamUrban Dictionary

Come july 1st we posted Rethinking The Dictionary and invited your feedback. To your lots and lots of users whom penned in, you were heard by us and then we wish to address your concerns:

  • You noted that unpleasant terms could be informative and educational.
  • You adore that Urban Dictionary may be both of good use and funny.
  • You asked us to guard Urban Dictionary’s irreverence and authenticity.

A person from nyc stated:

The planet is filled with diverse ideas and languages. re Solving “hate” or “abuse” will never be attained by selectively deeming slang words to be unsatisfactory for a dictionary that tries to keep pace with colloquial language because it becomes popular.

A person from Missouri said:

You give an ongoing solution that can help individuals recognize and inform by by themselves […] although some terms are offensive, they have to be defined in order for individuals can arm by themselves with information and understanding. Kiddies ask moms and dads just what words that are bad. Pretending those words don’t exist does not assist them or anybody. Informing them and educating on definitions DOES.

A person from Florida stated:

You don’t defeat evil by hiding it away, you reveal it to your light, because just then can individuals observe how bad it really is, and just then can their minds be changed about it.

We agree with you. We all know that the real life can be unpleasant and it is high in offensive terms. Urban Dictionary can be a crucial device to determine what those terms suggest. Once you understand a unpleasant word’s meaning can fight inequality and punishment. But there is an improvement between making use of Urban Dictionary to document this is of a unpleasant term and deploying it to commemorate or endorse a meaning that is offensive.

We are going to perhaps maybe not ban words that are certain and now we can’t solve hate and punishment in the field (whom can, really?). But we will explain Urban Dictionary’s community tips and build better tools to enforce them. Our objective is always to assist users compose better definitions, and empower users to flag definitions that don't satisfy our community instructions. We hope this may increase the health that is overall of Dictionary.

A tremendously little amount of users are responsible for the abusive content we would you like to remove. At this time their behavior has an outsized impact on all of those other web site — it harms the city and often silences other voices. We should alter that. Nevertheless the things you like about Urban Dictionary will maybe not alter: the irreverence, creativity and humor will continue to be. The job our company is doing now aims to protect that.

You want to keep hearing from both you and welcome your feedback within the type only at that website link.

Rethinking the Dictionary 7, 2020 july

20 years ago, we began Urban Dictionary as being spot for everybody to fairly share their language. It absolutely was meant to subvert the authority associated with the dictionary that is traditional to report our messy, strange, and unpredictable language because it developed. Each and every day, regular individuals add tens and thousands of definitions, rendering it an income document that is cultural. Since 1999, our community has written over 12 million definitions. I’m proud that Urban Dictionary is becoming a way to obtain laughter plus an irreplaceable guide made by and also for the individuals.

But, throughout the full years, on line discourse has changed, so have actually the words we’re getting.

Like other online platforms we’ve been overwhelmed by hate speech and abusive content focusing on females, BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, as well as other susceptible teams. Hate message and abusive content online could cause genuine damage offline. It may cause people to feel unsafe to talk up and share their language, silencing whole groups of individuals. This isn't that which we want our platform become for.

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